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Not only on smartphones and tablets is it possible to change the wallpaper that is visible. On computers that have the operating system Windows 10 this can be done and Microsoft helps to achieve it. One example is the new theme called Chilly Morning from which we show what it offers and how to download it.

This new content that is obtained directly in the store of the Redmond company, has as its main motif images of morning moments in different parts of the world, but it always has a common denominator: to be moments in which the cold is very present. Therefore, it fits perfectly with the time of year we are in.

Chilly Morning theme free download for Windows 10

The truth is that this is really simple, and once it is done, fifteen images different that can be used as wallpaper and that, all of them, have a resolution good enough to be used on computers with screens 4K (Obviously, they fit perfectly with lower options, such as 720p components).

Winter background for Windows 10

The download process is very simple. To complement it, you only have to use the link that we leave after this paragraph and directly, the corresponding page of the store that Microsoft has for Windows 10 opens. In this place, you simply have to click on the blue button that exists and is called Get. In a matter of a couple of minutes -at most-, you will have everything available to use.

Using the new theme in the Microsoft operating system

The activation of the new images as wallpapers on the computer is not done automatically, so you have to perform some steps manually. But yes, these are the most simple. Therefore, there is no problem to get everything in a very short time. These are the ones you should give:

  • open the Setting Windows 10to do this, use the gear-shaped icon on the left (in the lower area) when opening the Start Menu of the operating system.
  • Among the options you see on the screen you have to choose the one called Personalization and then choose Topics on the left side of the screen to see what’s available to you.
  • Among them will be Chilly Morning, which you must select it and then it will be activated automatically. It’s all that simple.
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Image included in the Chilly Morning theme for Windows 10

Afterwards, you can Background within Personalization you can set how often you want the picture to change on Windows 10 computer, something that is always interesting so that this fits exactly the ones you like.