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There are not a few who seek to have a presence in Youtube highlighted, and apart from having a good idea to stand out from the rest, you have to have the necessary means to be able to record the videos that are uploaded to the Internet. And, in this, smartphones help very effectively OPPO Reno2 and Reno2 Z.

Currently youtubers carry out their work both in studios and outside of them, and in the latter case when it is appreciated that phones offer adequate quality when it comes to obtaining quality video. And, something essential for this, is to have a good stabilization that prevents sudden and unwanted movements from appearing in the recordings, leaving them with a quality that is, to say the least, questionable. And a tool that should not be ignored for not having to lug around a SLR camera from one place to another are the OPPO devices we are talking about.

OPPO Reno2 Image

In dimensions of about 160 x 74.3 x 9.5 millimeters and weighing less than 190 grams, the OPPO Reno2 and Reno2 Z have four sensors in the main camera, which is the one that will be used on a regular basis to record videos for YouTube (but we must not forget that the front one integrated in a retractable 16 Mpx module is not bad at all). the fusion of these elements, makes it possible to obtain very good results in all kinds of situations and, furthermore, with a amazing stability in many cases. These are the components that make up each of the two smartphones we are talking about:

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OPPO Reno2

  • Main: 48 MPx Sony IMX586, F: 1.7, 26mm, PDAF and OIS
  • Telephoto: 13 MPx, F: 2.4, and PDAF
  • Wide angle: 8 MPx and F: 2.2
  • Black and white: 2 MPx and F: 2.4

OPPO Reno2 Z

  • Main: 48 MPx Sony IMX586, F: 1.7 and PDAF
  • Wide angle: 8 MPx and F: 2.2
  • Black and white: 2 MPx and F: 2.4, 1/5″, 1.75µm
  • Depth: 2 MPx and F: 2.4

Using the OPPO Reno2

The key in the videos that are made with the OPPO Reno2

It should be noted that, for everything that has to do with the photography of the terminals that are a good help for those who want to become youtubers or those who already are and want to update their work team, use is made of Artificial intelligence (AI) which allows the results to be optimized automatically and without the user having to do anything… And with the most positive results!

In addition to this, OPPO Reno2 and OPPO Reno2 Z include a new functionality called Ultra Stable Video, which allows to achieve results that are very close to what a professional needs and, in addition, with great sharpness and fluidity (so it is even possible to use it in sporting events that are attended). To achieve this, three options are merged: speed of 60 frames per second; image compensation combining optical and electronic stabilization (OIS + EIS); and, finally, an advanced high-precision prediction job called IMU.

Another good advance of these smartphones when recording video

We talk about Dynamic Video Zoomwhich allows, among other things, to use up to 5X hybrid to get “closer” to what you want to record and, this, is completely different from other smartphones on the market today and is therefore a good choice for youtubers.

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OPPO Reno2 rear image

But, in addition, OPPO has thought about what it has to do with the sound that is also part of the recordings. Thus, for example, integrated microphones are used to reduce very effectively the ambient sound that can disturb -such as the wind itself- and in this way focus on what is being focused on. Additionally, different technologies are included to optimize sensitivity necessary to adjust to the distance from the sound source.

As you can see, there are all advantages in the OPPO Reno2 and OPPO Reno2 Z when it comes to being a tool of great utility for youtubers, so that they can do without a dedicated camera on more than one occasion. These are the options to buy the two smartphones from the Asian manufacturer in Spain today:

  • OPPO Reno2: MediaMarkt, El Corte Inglés, Amazon, Phone House, PC Components, FNAC and AliExpress
  • OPPO Reno2 Z: Telefónica, Orange, Yoigo, MediaMarkt, El Corte Inglés, Amazon, Phone House, PC Components, FNAC and AliExpress